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Last Updated on : October 17th, 2006
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Dambassinas S.A.

Dambassinas' is an acknowledged leader in Greece in the specialised world of air conditioning, air movement technology, evaporative heat transfer and ice thermal storage.
It was established in 1961 and operates both as a manufacturing facility and as a manufacturer's representative, through two distinctive companies: AirFrige focusing on manufacturing operations and Hippocrates Dambassinas S.A representing in Greece two of the world leaders in evaporative heat transfer and air movement technologies: Baltimore Aircoil (B.A.C.) and Woods Air Movement Ltd, respectively.

AirFrige is a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment and has a modern factory building located in Thessaloniki with a floor area of 7.500 m2. The manufactured products are built to the highest quality, as recognized by consulting engineers, contractors and industry buyers.
Baltimore Aircoil
Baltimore Aircoil (B.A.C.), a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of evaporative cooling and ice thermal storage products that conserve energy and respect the environment.
In Greece today B.A.C. equipment are installed in all major food, metallurgical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, cold stores and buildings.
Woods Fans
Woods Air Movement Ltd, one of the word's largest manufacturers of fans and fan systems with extensive knowledge of designs and applications based on nearly 90 years of experience.
Our Solutions

'Dambassinas' business philosophy is going beyond just effective representation of companies and marketing of products. We are focusing in providing our clients with complete solutions from Analysis and Design to Build and Customized Implementation. In our website you can view brief summaries of solutions we provided to clients in:
* Public Infrastructure Projects
* Heavy Industry
* Food Industry
* Hotel Industry
* Construction Industry
* Defense Projects
Contact us, and let us assist you with your specific requirements.

Our Product Range

'Dambassinas' integrated product range extends along three lines:
* Fan-Coil Units
* Central Station Air Handling Units
* Packaged Air Handling Units
* Air Cooled Condensers & Fluid Coolers
* Finned Coil Heat Exchangers
* Air Washers

* Cooling Towers
* Evaporative Fluid Coolers
* Hybrid Fluid Coolers
* Evaporative Condensers
* Ice Thermal Storage Products
* JM Aerofoil Fan
* 2100 Series
* Roof Units
* ILC Fans
* Axial Fans for High Temperature
* Flammable Axial Fans
* JetFoil Fans
* Fans for Marine Applications & War Ships
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