Series AHU
AirFrige Central Station Air Handling Units consist of factory pre-assembled sections tested as a complete unit. They are manufactured for indoor or outdoor installation and are used in Office buildings, hotels, hospitals and Institutional Buildings.

They are available in 12 unit sizes ranging from 0,19 m2 to 3,10 m2 of coil area, with a wide capacity range of 1740 m3/hr to 28400 m3/hr. The units are equipped with High Efficiency Coils for true economy regardless of the application- chilled water, direct expansion or hot water.

Central Station Air handling Units and Industrial Air Heat Exchangers can be custom manufactured to specific requirements with dimensions and capacities according to the individual specifications.

These units can be provided with factory mounted controls and devices wired to a terminal strip ready for operation, once connected to the building network.

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